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    Karin Müller, APARTHOTEL Rotkreuz (Dienstag, 29 August 2017)

    Am Freitag, 25. August haben Tiziana und Tobias nun schon zum zweiten Mal unsere Gäste auf der Sonnenterrasse mit ihren wunderschönen Klängen verzaubert. Wir danken euch für die tolle Unterhaltung und freuen uns auf die Livemusiksaion im 2018 - hoffentlich auch wieder mit euch?! :-)
    Herzlichst, Karin

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    Hilda & Matthias (Freitag, 25 August 2017 16:12)

    Wine and Roses played at our wedding Apero and I cannot be happier. Tiziana has a heavenly voice and Tobias a talented pianist - I am very lucky to have found them as they are a hidden gem! Wine and Roses is a band managed by the two young artists, which enables them to provide the perfect combination of highly professional yet much more personalised service and bespoke experience than other larger, more "popular" event bands are able to provide. I know this as I had asked and worked with several other musicians and event companies, which were not as friendly and flexible.. asking for extra charges for every additional item. The duo made us feel special and that we were not "just another client". I especially appreciated that Tobias offered to spend time learning and practicing a couple special pieces of music that was special to me and my husband, to play together with my cousin who was a violinist. He collaborated very well even though they did not have an opportunity to practice much (in fact not sure if they even did at all!) - this was my favorite part of my wedding :)

    Highly HIGHLY recommend !!